About Us

Our Company

Polycorp started at Delhi in 1993 as a Quality assured Plastic Masterbatch Manufacturer with a production capacity of 10000 ton per month.
The company has grown both organically and through acquistions to become a major name in the global masterbatch/concentrates market.
In 2001 Polycorp starts to share the global market with Plastic/Rubber and its additive chemicals by our quality resources.
In 2002 Polycorp implement fully automated batch mixing machenaries for covering the market volume of 15000 ton per month.
Now days we are achieving the capacity of 20000 ton per month by adding additional machenaries and good R&D works for sapporting the high quality masterbatches.

We are approved on masterbatches for FOOD GRADE REGULATIONS,FDA,TOY,WASTE PACKAGING REGULATIONS. Our marketing Division meet the requirement of global customer for quality Plastic/Rubber/Additive Chemicals/Fillers.

More detailed information on our Manufacturing/Marketing division on our web site or alternatively please contact our customer service team at info@polycorp.in


Our Mission


We are committed to providing one stop supply solutions, based on our expertise and experiences in product sourcing, our insight of latest market development and industry trend, our comprehensive technical supports and quality assurance program, and wide range of value added services, to help customers weather through market uncertainty and challenges, and even deliver beyond their expectations.